Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dear Sa'ad El-Amin, Please Shut Up and Go Away!

Why, oh why does the media in Richmond continue to give Sa'ad El-Amin -- a race-baiting crook if ever there was one -- a forum for his racist views? In case you missed it, now the convicted felon and disgraced former City Council member is claiming it was racist to leave the Tucker family off of the plaque that was dedicated to the Harvey family. For some reason, NBC 12's Rachel DePompa felt it necessary to go interview El-Amin about this. Watch the video here if you must.

Nevermind the fact that the Harvey plaque was paid for with private money that was raised by those who knew and loved the Harveys. Nevermind the fact that City Council President Graziano stated that if El-Amin or someone else wanted to raise money for a plaque for the Tuckers, they would allow a plaque to be erected. In El-Amin's warped, racist, tiny little mind the only explanation that the Tucker's weren't also on the plaque is "racist Richmond." Hey El-Amin, you want a plaque, get off your "asphalt" and go raise the money. Until then, please shut up.

Let's just hope that the youth of Richmond aren't exposed to El-Amin's twisted and out-dated views of the world. If there is anyone in this town holding it back from moving forward in terms of race relations, it's El-Amin. Too bad he won't just leave town. And DePompa and the rest of the Richmond media, please quit going for the easy story -- do some work and go after a worthwhile story for a change. Richmond deserves better than having to repeatedly listen to the racist rantings of outdated flame throwers like El-Amin.